Cyanogen sforna oggi la CyanogenMod 5.0.5 per Nexus One, con un sacco di cambiamenti, ed eccovi subito il changelog e sotto trovate il link al download e la guida per flasharla:

—- 5.0.5-N1
* New Apps2SD method built into the framework. See the wiki for instructions! HUGE HUGE thanks to Chris Soyars for coding the bulk of this, and Wysie for getting our asses moving on it.
* Launcher2 tweaked to honor fling velocity – code by Mohd Faruq ( – check out more in HelixLauncher on the market
* MMS enhancements originally by rgv151, ported to Eclair by Mohd Faruq, ChainsDD, Wes Garner, and myself
* New V8 JavaScript engine – patch from Qualcomm/CodeAurora
* Added kernel network bridging and brctl

* Updated N1 RIL to EPE54B’s version, and included AT&T acdb file
* Kernel updated to plus many patches from Google
* Orientation mode is fully controllable from the settings app now, and 360-degree rotation patch updated from Optedoblivion and Elanthis
* Trackball wake & music skip + volume button long-press track changing from metalhead8816 (Jon Boekenoogen)
* Lots of work on the build system by Koush and Chris Soyars
* Browser enhancements from Wysie – hide zoom controls and fullscreen mode (
* Tweaked the light sensor
* Kernel is slightly undervolted. The voltages match what are being used by Qualcomm.
* Scripting fixes from Stefan Tomanek (
* Nexus Live Wallpaper includes dark background and new color schemes – “Dust” is the new default – work on this done mostly Chris Soyars and tweaked by me. Check out his “NexusMod” version on the Market too.
* Battery percentage shown on the status bar – toggle the option in Spare Parts – patch from canadiancow (will take a battery status change for it to update after switching the toggle)
* Included rsync (thanks to Dylex for the Android port), iwconfig, and iwlist
* Updated German translations from Matthias Büchner (
* Many patches and fixes from AOSP and contributors (
* RenderScript is somewhat faster – now built in ARM mode (the VFP is not used fully in thumb mode) and supports reuse of allocations (from CodeAurora)
* and built from Google source
* Latest e2fsprogs (1.41.10)
* Added redirect-gateway option for OpenVPN
* Lock screen volume swipe selects vibrate mode if you have it enabled in settings
* Tweaked animation speeds (Wes Garner)
* Fixed issue with clicking links in certain webviews (HTML email in particular)

Latest version: 5.0.5-N1 – 03/19/2010
Download: http://n0rp.chemlab…
Mirror 1: http://cyanogen-upda…
Mirror 2: http://android.phase…
MD5Sum: cefca6822fcec363fe73c5eb66c50979

Guida per Installare la ROM la prima volta:
1. Fai un Nandroid backup!
3. Installa la ROM
4. Optionally install the Google Addon (per le Google Apps)

Guida per fare l’upgrade:
1. Fai un Nandroid Backup!
2. Installa the ROM (your Google apps will be backed up automatically)