Ne avevamo già parlato ieri del rilascio del porting della CyanogenMod 5.0.7 (del Nexus One) su HTC Dream e HTC Magic e ora è già disponibile al download. Gli unici problemi di questo firmware sono la impossibilità di zoomare nella fotocamera e da aggiustare il layout della look screen. Ho già testato questo firmware sul mio HTC Dream e devo dire che è più che perfetto con una velocità di sistema impressionante.

What’s NOT included that you’d find on a Nexus One:
* Launcher2 (too clunky for these devices)
* Stock Live Wallpapers (LWP support is there, but may not work with all LWP apps and/or performance may be bad)
* Facebook (install from the Market, contact sync works perfect)
* Google Voice (install from Market, push notify works perfect)

What’s included:
* Everything that goes with Eclair
* 3D, video, camera, camcorder, BT, WiFi, etc are all of course working

CyanogenMod extras:
* Can be used with or without Google applications
* Kernel with tethering support, Compcache, VPN/tun, and other modules (cifs, nfs, aufs, fuse)
* New Apps2SD method implemented mostly by Chris Soyars.
* Built in USB tether
* Graphical enhancements, #boobs, and excellent wallpapers by Prash and SatanR1
* Includes BusyBox, htop, nano, powertop, openvpn, bash, irssi, and all engineering commandline utilities
* FLAC audio support from Kenny Root
* Phone enhancements from Cytown
* Contacts enhancements from Wysie
* MMS enhancements from, well, everyone (see changelog)
* Perform zipalign-on-install of applications
* DeskClock tweaks- longer autosilence and “require unlock” option
* Massive APN list
* All available locales are included thanks to PsychoBoy
* 360-degree auto-orientation by Optedoblivion and Elanthis (enable in settings)
* OpenVPN integration thanks to James Bottomley
* Music app can respond to long-press on the volume buttons (from Metalhead)
* Many other bugfixes and tweaks from AOSP contributors
* Tons of work on the build system by Koush and Chris Soyars
* See the full CHANGELOG for all credits and details

Qui sotto trovate il firmware da scaricare e il pacchetto delle app di Google da flashare subito dopo il firmware di Cyanogen. Per essere installato sul Dream bisogna avere il “Danger SPL” (o Death SPL o Haykuro SPL) mentre per il Magic non c’è bisogno di fare niente.

Latest version: 5.0.7-DS-test1 – 04/29/2010
MD5Sum: d22c7940de66a490f241814cea4409ee

Google Addon: EPE54B