Chris Lacy sta lavorando duramente negli ultimi mesi e i suoi ultimi sforzi si sono concretizzati in un nuovo aggiornamento per Action Launcher 3, che introduce la versione 3.6. Le novità, come spesso accade ultimamente, sono tantissime e sono tutte elencate nel changelog sottostante:

  • NEW: Introducing Quickfind! Filter and load apps at lightning speed!
  • NEW: Instantly engage Quickfind by swiping/double tapping the All Apps icon (swipe is faster yhan long-press!).
  • NEW: Use either your standard or T9 (predictive text) keyboard with Quickfind.
  • NEW: When using Quickfind, tapping the keyboard’s “Go” key will load the first search result, allowing you to load apps quickly without reaching away from the keyboard (handy for large phones).
  • NEW: Apps that have been manually hidden can be quickly retrieved via Quickfind.
  • NEW: Add Quickfind to the widget picker, allowing you to filter widgets by name.
  • NEW: Quickfind can be used as a shortcut action.
  • NEW: Allow a single row of the most frequently loaded apps to display at the top of the All Apps page.
  • NEW: Use the new Google logo on the Quickbar. Pick between single colored and multi-colored variants of the new logo, as well as the the old Google logo.
  • NEW: Add Quickbar preset for colored variants of Google search logo and voice search icon.
  • NEW: Support dynamic calendar API, enabling apps such as Today Calendar to specify a unique icon for each day of the month.
  • NEW: Icon packs use dynamic calendar icons (if available in the icon pack).
  • NEW: Pick from 12 transition effects when moving between Home screens.
  • NEW: Initial translation support for more than a dozen languages available.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Use any applicable icon pack shaders.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Quickbar uses new Google logo by default.
  • IMPROVEMENT: All Apps defaults to using a vertical grid with Quickfind.
  • FIX: Ensure app behaves correctly when using Android’s Battery Saver mode.
  • FIX: A host of stability/misc. bug fixes.

Troviamo quindi, ad esempio, il supporto al nuovo logo colorato di Google, l’impaginazione del drawer verticale con la possibilità di visualizzare le applicazioni più usate in alto in stile Android 6.0, la ricerca rapida delle applicazioni nel drawer e il supporto alle icone dinamiche. Action Launcher 3 3.6 è già disponibile al download dal Play Store.

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