E’ iniziato il rilascio dell’aggiornamento che porta con sé la MIUI 7.1 stabile e attualmente è in distribuzione tramite OTA per i dispositivi che montano una build globale e cinese.

In particolare, il rilascio per build globale interessa Mi 2/2S, Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi Note,  Mi 4i, Redmi Note 4G, Redmi 2/Prime, Redmi 1S, Redmi Note Prime, Redmi Note 2, Redmi Note 3G e Mi Pad.

Nonostante la MIUI 7.1 raggiungerà gradualmente tutti i dispositivi supportati automaticamente via OTA, sappiate che è possibile anticipare i tempi e installarla manualmente: vi basterà scaricare la ROM da questo thread e poi seguire la procedura descritta in quest’altro thread.

Nel caso il vostro dispositivo abbia una build cinese, il thread per scaricare la ROM è questo qua, mentre quello per la procedura per l’installazione è il medesimo linkato in precedenza.

Adesso vi auguriamo un buon aggiornamento e vi lasciamo al lunghissimo changelog, che dimostra che la MIUI 7.1 è una ROM ricca di novità, correzioni di bug e ottimizzazioni varie.

Optimization – Clean up shortcut supports cleaning apps’ cache (09-15)
Optimization – Apps locked in recent task page will not be closed by system when remaining RAM is low (09-15)
Fix – Verification messages might be sent automatically (11-15)
Fix – Google keyboard was missing after update (11-26)
Fix – System partition did not have enough space (11-26)

Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar
Optimization – In DND mode, for incoming calls with screen turned off. There will be a green bar on the top after waking the screen (09-07)
Optimization – Reduced status bar RAM usage (09-15)
Optimization – Support setting lockscreen and floating notifications separately (11-02)
Optimization – App notifications page displays blocked apps first (11-02)
Optimization – Support changing wallpaper from top right corner in lockscreen when daily lockscreen is enabled (11-11)
Fix – SIM card displayed abnormally after restarting the status bar (09-07)
Fix – Sometimes, notifications’ order changed automatically in Notification shade (09-15)
Fix – Music widget play/pause button had error in some situations (09-15)
Fix – Sometimes status bar disappeared (09-15)
Fix – Sometimes, Mi Band icon disappeared from status bar (09-22)
Fix – Sometimes, there was no response after pressing lockscreen notifications (09-22)
Fix – Connection speed in status bar overlapped when using XXL text (09-22)
Fix – Screen could not be waken up while loading themes (09-30)
Fix – Combined password could not be entered when exiting Child mode/Private folder (10-29)
Fix – Pushing blank sides in a floating notification could not fold it in landscape mode (11-02)
Fix – Sometimes WiFi connection was recognized as portable hotspot (11-05)

Home screen
Optimization – Enhanced home screen smoothness and speed of opening folders (09-15)
Optimization – Unified third party apps’ launching animation (09-16)
Optimization – Apps’ content will not show in Recents tray when ‘Lock apps’ is enabled (10-13)
Fix – Adding Cleanup function shortcut caused home screen to FC (09-10)
Fix – Display error when using images taken by the device as wallpaper (09-14)

New – Audio settings support Mi Piston earbuds color edition (09-02)

File Explorer
New – Added private folders (10-20)
New – Support listing starred files by editing time (11-03)
New – Support adding folders to private folder (11-09)
New – Allow selecting restore path when disabling private settings (11-09)
New – Support moving files in private folder (11-18)
New – Private folder supports file name encryption (11-18)
New – Added space clearing prompt for phone management (11-18)
New – Support setting default video player (11-18)
New – Support adding File Explorer shortcut to home screen (11-18)
Optimization – App more compatible with custom themes (09-08)
Optimization – Optimized images display method (11-03)
Optimization – Progress status display method of compressing/decompressing etc. (11-03)
Optimization – Changed Mi Drop category page default ordering method to descending by time (11-03)
Fix – Thumbnails are not displayed in searching result (11-03)

Optimization – Greatly enhanced Browser start page launching speed (11-17)

Optimization – Optimized app widget style when using different font sizes (09-08)
Optimization – Card view style for displaying events (10-29)
Fix – SwiftKey keyboard could not input Chinese in Calendar app (09-15)

Data Usage
New – Added data saver function to help reduce data/WiFi usage (10-21)

Clock / Calculator
New – Support closing the next alarm clock only when turning off repeat alarm clocks (10-22)
Optimization – Added vibration when pressing the options at the bottom of clock page (09-16)

Mi Drop
New – Added Mi Drop to help transfer files between phones (09-28)
Optimization – Long press on Mi Drop toggle will direct to usage help page (10-14)
Optimization – Increased file transferring speed (10-20)
Optimization – Processing mechanism when the receiver does not have enough space on their device (10-20)
Optimization – Animated effects when scanning (10-28)
Fix – Sometimes files failed to be transferred (10-13)
Fix – Sometimes app crashed while scanning (10-14)

New – Added ”Connection’ shortcut in security to view each app’s realtime connection speed (10-26)
Optimization – Increased check process efficiency (10-27)

New – Recommendation page after clearing trash (10-20)
New – Clearing animated effects (10-20)

Battery Usage
Optimization – Low battery warning message will not pop up when there’s an incoming call (10-12)
Optimization – Optimized the prompt text when power on and off time are set as the same (11-17)