Sono trascorse esattamente due settimana dalla pubblicazione della prima beta e adesso Action Launcher 3.2 è disponibile per tutti nel Play Store attraverso il canale stabile. Con il rilascio delle varie beta sono state aggiunte molte altre funzioni rispetto a quelle presenti nella prima e, infatti, il changelog con le novità adesso è lunghissimo.

• NEW: Quickpage, a fully-featured Home screen accessed from right screen edge (Settings -> Layout -> Quickpage).
• NEW: Quicktheme supports customizing the Quickpage appearance.
• NEW: Icon scaling (Settings -> Display -> Icon scale).
• NEW: Settings and layout can be backed up and restored to and from a device’s storage (Settings -> Backup and import).
• NEW: Option to change the transition animation used when loading apps (Settings -> Display -> Open app animation).
• NEW: When using Android 4.x, app defaults to using the “slide up” open app animation.
• NEW: Material design themed dialogs, checkboxes, switches, sliders, etc., when using Android 4.x.
• NEW: The default Home screen can be changed (long press empty space on a Home screen -> tap the Favorite icon).
• NEW: Option to lock desktop (Settings -> Layout -> Lock desktop).
• NEW: Option to hide page indicators (Settings -> Layout -> Home screen indicators).
• NEW: Option to disable opening Quickdrawer via swipe (Settings -> Shortcuts -> Quickdrawer).
• NEW: Option to disable the screen edge shadow (Settings -> Display -> Screen edge shadow).
• NEW: Activity picker (Long press -> Widgets -> Activities).
• NEW: Option to disable Shutters (Settings -> Display -> Shutters).
• CHANGE: Quickdrawer scrolls beneath the status bar rather than using its own tinted quasi-status bar (requires Android 4.4 or later).
• CHANGE: Settings uses switches instead of checkboxes.
• CHANGE: Quickdrawer/Quickpage automatically close after a few seconds.
• CHANGE: Quickdrawer/Quickpage can’t be opened when in All Apps and/or long press mode.
• CHANGE: Zoom out to show adjacent Home screens when an existing icon/widget is picked up (matches experience when dragging from Quickdrawer/All Apps).
• CHANGE: Hide the Infinite folders setting for Plus users (functionality is now always enabled).
• FIX: Wallpaper/icon images applied correctly from 3rd party apps that point Action Launcher directly to a file’s location on the SD card.
• FIX: Hidden apps no longer re-appear in Quickpage/All Apps.
• FIX: Widget resize outline bounces back to the nearest grid position.
• FIX: Exit zoomed out mode when dragging a shortcut onto the App info helper.
• FIX: Shutters/Covers/folders open correctly when animation scale has been changed to .5x in System Settings -> Developer options.
• FIX: Introduction screens can be scrolled.

Queste le novità introdotte dalla versione 3.2 di Action Launcher. Qui sotto invece trovate il badge per il download dal Play Store e un video di presentazione realizzato da Chris Lacy, sviluppatore di Action Launcher.

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