Attraverso un comunicato stampa, Samsung ha annunciato la disponibilità a livello globale di KNOX 2.0 per il Galaxy S5. Non si tratta più di un solo prodotto, come sottolineato dall’azienda, ma di un vero e proprio portafoglio di prodotti, considerato che include in esso KNOX Workspace, EMM, Marketplace e Customization, per creare la propria soluzione B2B.

KNOX 2.0 è disponibile da oggi su tutti i diversi esemplari di Galaxy S5, ma Samsung ha annunciato che sarà disponibile anche per altri dispositivi Galaxy nei prossimi mesi attraverso un aggiornamento di sistema (per la felicità degli utenti).

Chissà che questa nuova versione non permetta al produttore coreano di entrare finalmente in modo concreto nel settore business, attualmente in mano ad altri produttori e ad altri sistemi operativi.

Nell’attesa che questa domanda possa trovare una risposta, vi lasciamo al comunicato stampa integrale che abbiamo inserito qui sotto, in cui trovate maggiori informazioni su KNOX 2.0 e non solo.

[spoiler title=”Comunicato stampa”]

SEOUL, Korea – May 7, 2014 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, today announced the global availability of KNOX 2.0, the company’s end-to-end secure mobile platform designed to provide advanced data and privacy protection for enterprise users. It provides better support for IT departments looking for reassurance and convenience as they implement and manage their Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies.

The Samsung KNOX platform is no longer one product but represents a portfolio of multiple products and services designed to better meet the rapidly evolving enterprise mobility needs of customers. As a result, the original product launched in 2013 as Samsung KNOX – the core security platform and app container –has now been renamed KNOX Workspace<style:#009a0e;>Announced at MWC 2014, KNOX 2.0 includes KNOX Workspace, EMM, Marketplace and Customization. KNOX Workspace is currently available on the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S5, which can be activated by IT managers for later use. KNOX 2.0 will be available on other Samsung Galaxy devices through OS upgrades in the coming months. The MDM previously used with KNOX 1.0 is also fully compatible with KNOX 2.0. The workspace users of KNOX 1.0 will be automatically migrated to that of KNOX 2.0 with the OS upgrade.

“KNOX has been widely deployed by enterprises since it became first commercially available in the market in September 2013,” said JK Shin, President and CEO, Head of IT & Mobile Communications Division, Samsung Electronics. “As a result of this rapid adoption, we needed to evolve the Samsung KNOX platform to directly address the ever-changing needs of the enterprise as we demonstrate our commitment to protect and respond to future enterprise mobility and security challenges.”

New and evolved features for the KNOX 2.0 platform include:

• Cutting-edge Core Platform Security: As it evolves to be the most secure Android platform, KNOX Workspace offers a series of core security enhancements to better protect device integrity from kernel to apps. These upgraded features include TrustZone-Protected Certificate Management, KNOX Key Store, Real-Time Protection for System Integrity, TrustZone-Protected ODE, Two-factor Biometric Authentication and the Enhanced Generic Framework of KNOX.

• Improved User Experience: KNOX Workspace provides an enhanced user experience with new features for its container for a more flexible approach for enterprise deployment.

  ㅇThe KNOX container provides users with enhanced features such as support for all Android apps from the Google

      Play Store, meaning there is no need to go through the app wrapping process for third-party apps.

  ㅇThird-party container support provides a better policy control compared to the Native SE for Android, allowing the user

      or IT manager to choose their preferred container.

  ㅇSplit-Billing works with carriers to separately calculate the bills for personal-use apps and professional-use apps and

      in turn bills the company for all enterprise or professional app use.

  ㅇUniversal MDM Client (UMC) and Samsung Enterprise Gateway(SEG) make user enrollment process simpler than

      before since the user profile is pre-registered to SEG by MDM servers.

• Expanding Ecosystem: In addition to the core features of KNOX 2.0, brought by KNOX Workspace, users will also enjoy access to two new cloud based services, KNOX EMM and KNOX Marketplace, and a customization service, KNOX Customization. These broaden the KNOX 2.0 customer base by catering specifically to SMBs.

  ㅇKNOX EMM provides cloud-based Mobile Device Management and Identity and Access Management (SSO+Directory

      service) with a rich set of IT policies to implement company guidelines.

  ㅇKNOX Marketplace is one stop shop for SMBs to find, buy and use KNOX and enterprise cloud apps in a unified


  ㅇKNOX Customization offers a groundbreaking way to create highly customized B2B solutions with off-the-shelf

      hardware by providing either SDK or Binary to Systems Integrators(SI).

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