L’italiana IK Multimedia è nota per i suoi accessori dedicati ai musicisti e pensati per sfruttare le capacità multimediali di smartphone e tablet. iRig UA è l’ultimo prodotto annunciato dalla società e ha la particolarità di portare finalmente la serie iRig ad essere compatibile con tutti i dispositivi con Android 4.0 e superiori che supportano USB OTG.

iRIG UA è un piccolo dispositivo che integra al suo interno un DSP (Digital Signal Processor) a 32 bit, un DAC che supporta flussi a 24bit con sample rate pari a 44.1/48kHz e un preamplificatore per la chitarra. È stato necessario integrare il DSP all’interno di iRig UA a causa della grande frammentazione del mondo Android: dal momento che tutto viene processato all’interno del dispositivo, è possibile usare qualunque smartphone o tablet Android che supporti la modalità USB OTG (o HUB host).

Nel caso in cui si utilizzi un dispositivo con Samsung Professional Audio (ad esempio Galaxy Note 4) oppure con Android 5.0 Lollipop, inoltre, è possibile registrare la propria esecuzione.

In quanto a connessioni, iRig UA può contare su un ingresso jack da 6.3mm, un ingresso jack da 3.5mm (per inserire una base, ad esempio) e un’uscita jack da 3.5mm, insieme ad una porta micro-USB.

A completare il quadro troviamo AmpliTube UA, applicazione gratuita che permette di impostare iRig UA e di sfruttarne le capacità appieno con numerosi effetti.

iRig UA sarà disponibile nel secondo trimestre dell’anno in corso ad un prezzo consigliato di 79.99€ tasse escluse, che dovrebbero tradursi in circa 110/120€ una volta applicate le tasse.

[spoiler title=”Comunicato stampa”]IK Multimedia announces iRig UA, the first universal guitar effects processor and interface for all Android devices

Now Android musicians can finally enjoy AmpliTube real time guitar amp and effects thanks to IK Multimedia’s new digital effects processor and interface

iRig UA
January 21, 2015 – IK Multimedia, the leader in mobile music creation technology, is pleased to announce iRig® UA, the first digital effects processor and interface to allow universal near-zero latency guitar processing with AmpliTube® UA on all devices with Android 4.0 or higher and that support USB host mode/USB OTG. iRig UA represents a paradigm shift for Android users, that for the first time, will now be able to experience high-quality real time effects processing on any Android device.

IK has solved the issue of Android platform fragmentation and OS latency by moving the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to iRig UA. The solution lies both in the iRig UA and its companion app, AmpliTube UA. An advanced built-in digital signal processing chip directly inside iRig UA provides for the latest generation of mobile modeling technology, while the AmpliTube UA control app provides an easy to use graphic interface that lets users edit their guitar rig and save or recall presets instantaneously.

iRig UA is a universal Android solution that is able to produce rock solid performances, high-quality sound and near-zero latency on virtually any Android device running Android 4.0 OS or later and supporting USB host mode/USB OTG, including models from Samsung, Sony, Motorola, LG, HTC, Xiaomi and many more.

Plug-and-play on Android
iRig UA features a built-in high performance 32-bit DSP, a 24-bit A/D converter, 44.1/48KHz sample rate, a crystal clear low-noise instrument preamp and an ultra-compact enclosure. With its premium specifications, it’s able to provide great sound, better playability, extreme portability and an unprecedented cross-platform compatibility.

iRig UA’s on-board digital signal processor works in conjunction with AmpliTube UA, a special version of IK’s powerful guitar and bass multi-effects processor designed specifically for use with iRig UA. And because all of the processing is handled on iRig UA, and not on the Android device, it’s able to provide consistent near-zero latency performance (down to 2 ms round-trip total latency) that’s independent of the make and model of the connected smartphone or tablet. Or, in other words, it offers the plug-and-play performance that mobile musicians with Android devices crave.

For added versatility, iRig UA can also be used as a digital recording interface when connected to a Samsung Professional Audio compatible device or smartphone or tablet with Android 5.0. With iRig UA, the most popular mobile digital guitar interface and virtual guitar multi-effects processor app have finally landed on Android.

AmpliTube UA has landed
iRig UA comes with AmpliTube UA, a full-featured version of the guitar and bass multi-effects processing app that revolutionized the way musicians make music while on the go. AmpliTube UA provides a generous and expandable library of highly versatile models of some of the most coveted gear in music history. It lets users create and process their tone with a guitar or bass rig with 3 stompbox effects, an amplifier and cabinet with IK’s accurate volumetric response modeling, a microphone and a tuner. AmpliTube UA also lets musicians get even more creative by letting them place their stompbox effects either before or after their amplifier.

Superior sound
In order to provide the best possible playing experience, iRig UA offers everything needed for audiophile-quality sound. Like IK’s other high-end interfaces, it features a 24-bit A/D converter with a 44.1/48kHz sampling rate and a crystal clear low-noise instrument preamp. These features allow it to deliver excellent sound and incredibly satisfying playability, no matter whether it’s used as a processor or digital recording interface.

Comprehensively connectible
The pairing of iRig UA and AmpliTube UA is perfect for on-the-go practice. iRig UA features a 1/4” input for a guitar, bass or other line-level instrument, a micro-USB to OTG cable and an 1/8” headphone output with volume control. It also sports a 1/8” AUX input that lets musicians connect any sound source so they can jam along to their favourite tunes with the power of AmpliTube.

Pricing and availability
iRig UA will be available Q2, 2015 from music and electronics retailers worldwide, and from the IK online store, for only $99.99/€79.99 (excluding taxes). The AmpliTube UA app will be available at iRig UA release for free from the Google Play store.[/spoiler]