Il team di NVIDIA ha dato il via al rilascio di un nuovo aggiornamento per NVDIA SHIELD TV, introducendo diverse interessanti novità.

Si tratta di un update importante, così come confermato dal corposo changelog pubblicato da NVIDIA, che va a risolvere numerosi bug riscontrati nelle precedenti release e introduce alcune nuove feature, come il supporto Amazon Music, la possibilità di personalizzazione di Quick Settings, Android Kernel 4.9 (dalla versione 3.1) e un’opzione per disconnettere i dispositivi audio Bluetooth accoppiati.

Questo il changelog completo dell’aggiornamento alla versione 7.2 della NVIDIA SHIELD Experience per NVIDIA SHIELD TV:


  • Adds Amazon Music. Open your apps drawer to access or add to your favorites
  • Adds option to automatically download and update SHIELD software (Settings > About > System upgrade > Auto upgrade)
  • Adds customizable Quick Settings (Settings > System > Customize Quick Settings)
  • Adds network link speed when connected via ethernet (Settings > Network > Connected) System
  • Adds option to disable Comfort Noise (Settings > Display & Sound > Advanced Settings)
  • Adds IR power control for sound bars
  • USB debug access no longer required to enable network debugging.
  • Upgraded to Android Kernel 4.9 from 3.1
  • Adds ability to control TV volume over HDMI-CEC from Alexa
  • Adds option to disconnect paired Bluetooth audio devices


  • Adds SMBv3 support when mounting networked storage (NAS or PC) to SHIELD. (Accessing SHIELD folders on PC over supports SMBv1)
  • Adds option to sleep USB connected drives when idle (Settings > Storage & reset > Sleep drives when idle)
  • [SHIELD 2015 and Pro] Adds notification to migrate app data from SD Card to internal storage


  • Adds ability to reboot SHIELD remote (2017) (Hold Home + Back + Mic for 15 sec)
  • Adds option to keep SHIELD remote (2017) awake during media playback (reduces battery life by half) 
    (Settings > Developer options > Keep SHIELD remote (2017) awake during video playback
  • Adds support for latest FireTV (2018) remote. Long press home to initiate Bluetooth pairing with SHIELD
  • Adds setting to prevent 3rd party Bluetooth remotes from unpairing after reboot (disable Settings > Security 
    & restrictions > Bluetooth LE Privacy)

Bug fixes

  • Increases maximum number of CEC connected devices from 3 to 5
  • [SHIELD Pro] Adds slow system warning notification while optimizing storage immediately after software upgrade
  • Resolves issue where closed captioning was unavailable over USB tuners.
  • [UK] Improves instances of playback stutter immediately after seeking on BBC iPlayer
  • Displays audio stream change notification when when headset is plugged into SHIELD remote or controller
  • Fixes bug in KODI where HDR may play in SDR
  • Resolves some HDCP error issues when playing Netflix//Prime Video
  • Resolves rare issue where Netflix would fail to play video
  • Resolves issue where NVIDIA Share incorrectly blocks taking screenshots
  • Resolves issue where SHIELD would not set lower display resolution or refresh rates when set to 4K 10-bit 4:2:0 mode


  • Fixed Icelandic physical keyboard layout
  • Resolves network issue when changing IP configuration from DHCP to static
  • Resolves audio dropout issue when streaming UHD contentFixes bug where microphone was unavailable for Google Assistant when NVIDIA Share broadcast is enabled
  • Fixes bug where Wi-Fi AP “Additional info” would not be displayed
  • Resolves bug where “Power controls” displays incorrect information
  • Resolves “Bluetooth has stopped” notification when switching from restricted to user profile.
  • Fixes issue where Talkback becomes enabled on wakeup
  • Resolves power-on issues while some USB hubs are connected
  • Fixes issue where “Select” button does not work after wakeup
  • [SHIELD Pro or SHIELD 2015] Resolves issue where SHIELD may crash on SD card insert/removal
  • Improves reliability when turning on TV and/or AVR using HDMI-CEC
  • Improved HDMI CEC control reliability on some LG TVs
  • Adds support for MaxCLL and MaxFALL HDR metadata


  • Resolves issue where newly connected hard drives would not be visible from network without rebooting SHIELD
  • Resolves issue where some connected USB drives would not be detected after reboot


  • Improves IR power and volume control reliability with SHIELD remote (2017)
  • Resolves issue where SHIELD controller (2017) hotword detection hardware would remain powered on (but inactive) after SHIELD factory reset, reducing overall battery life.
  • Improves reliability of quick sleep shortcut (Home + Back) on SHIELD Remote (Rechargable)
  • Fixes issue where SHIELD controller (2015) would become disconnected after plugging in ethernet cable
  • Improves reliability when turning TV on/off on older TV’s using IR (Settings > Developer options > Use toggle command instead of discrete commands)
  • Fixes bug where wired XBOX One controller was not working properly

Known Issues

  • PS3 controllers not currently supported
  • Some issues playing .ts video files
  • Connection from PC to SHIELD folders limited to SMBv1
  • Rare cases where system seems to hang on startup
  • “Full” dynamic range setting not working as expected (available under Display options when color mode is set 
    to RGB)
  • Occasional audio loss on Kodi/SPMC, MrMC during HDMI hotplug
  • Issue when detecting USB adopted storage on Belkin P-F4U058 active hubs
  • Issue with PUBG Mobile mouse accuracy
  • Color display accuracy issues on Chrome

E sempre a proposito di aggiornamenti, nelle scorse ore Lenovo ha rilasciato quello contraddistinto dalla sigla “R5” per il Lenovo Smart Display.

Anche in questo caso si tratta di un update che introduce diverse novità, come un miglioramento del libro di ricette virtuale (consente una gestione più semplice e sfrutta al massimo il supporto a Google Assistant), il miglioramento della gestione delle foto nella galleria ed il miglioramento del supporto ai termostati ed alle luci smart.

A seguire il changelog ufficiale dell’aggiornamento R5 per Lenovo Smart Display:


Planning meals just got easier. Cookbook is your virtual cookbook that allows you to find recipes on your smart display and save them for later. Just say, “Hey Google, save this recipe” and your recipe will be added to your Cookbook. When you’re ready to get cooking, try saying “Hey Google, show me my Cookbook” and find the recipe in just a few seconds.

“show my cookbook”

“add to cookbook”

“remove from cookbook”

“save this recipe”

“show me my saved recipes”



Favorite, Share & Remove Photo



We now support being able to always show the remote control when accessed via voice or the Home View for another device even if you have a local media session. We will also show up to two mini tiles for remote sessions on the homescreen in addition to a local playback session.



We now support the ability to dismiss tiles from the home screen. Just swipe them up! Note, some home screen tiles are not dismissible, including: Calendar, Commute, Explore, News, Upcoming Reminder, Music & Video Recommendations.



Heat-cool is one of 5 mode options on the Nest Thermostat (heat, cool, eco, off, and heat-cool) that  “will create a schedule that will switch automatically between heating and cooling on the Nest thermostat to keep your home within a preferred temperature range.” The mode is particularly helpful during the shoulder seasons in regions that have cold nights and hot days.

“Turn on heat/cool mode.”

“Set heat/cool mode to 68 and 72 degrees.”

“Set the [thermostat name] between 68 to 72.”

“Turn off the [thermostat name].”



When the user is shown a group light controller (e.g. Living room lights) they’ll be able to control the brightness and on/off state for each light within that group.

Tale update è stato rilasciato in Regno Unito, Canada e Stati Uniti, ossia gli unici mercati in cui il device è attualmente disponibile.