MIUI 4.0 basata su Android ICS stabile per il Galaxy Nexus

MIUI 4.0, la rom del team di sviluppatori cinesi basata su Android Ice Cream Sandwich, è arrivata in versione stabile anche per il Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Solamente ieri infatti vi avevamo segnalato tale firmware per il Samsung Galaxy S 2 e sembra che piano piano il supporto si stia allargando.

Vediamo la situazione di cosa funziona e cosa no:

What works:

  • Calls
  • Call audio in and out
  • Data works confirmed 3G and 4G work and are being displayed and registered properly!!
  • Internal storage
  • External storage (Mounting as MTP to a pc all operating systems and now with Linux it should display every folder as before on Linux it showed only DCIM and Pictures)
  • SMS messages work!!!!
  • MMS messages work!!!!
  • ADB works
  • ADB remount
  • WiFi (Fix from sonicxml!! Thank you little dude for hitting me up!!)
  • Softkeys (Now cooked in)
  • Superuser (Superuser is fixed again in this build!!)
  • Camera
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS (Works perfect and locks immediately)
  • Market (Any problems with market right after you flash and it says error reboot the phone once and it will be fine)
  • Video Playback (Sketchy)
  • USB Tether
  • WiFi Tether (Possibly broke but usb def works)
  • No more squishy dialer!! (Thanks to Nazgul)
  • Creating folders
  • Adding apps to folders
  • Resizing Widgets
  • Contacts (Fixed up no more force closes thanks to Nazgul!)
  • Video Recording (Officially working)
  • Video Playback (Officially working and reports it plays 1080P videos!!)
  • Netflix
  • Google Videos
  • All apps resized to proper MIUI size now (Big thanks to Sonic my right hand man!!)

What’s broke:

  • Themes (This is because we need themers to start making themes for our device) – to get themes somewhat working create a folder named “theme” (no quotation marks) in /data/system using something like root explorer. Then you can apply themes. If you get giant softkeys over your whole screen, do a battery pull, restart, and you should be good to go.


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