Finalmente è stata rilasciata anche per l’HTC Tattoo la super e famosa Recovery di Amon_Ra. Ovviamente, è la migliore e funziona in tutte le sue caratteristiche che trovate qui sotto:

Recovery Amon_Rav1.6.2

* full ADB access in recovery mode
* Awesome Care-Bear version! (Blame packetlss for talking me into it )
* Busybox v1.15.3
* Kernel with ext3 support (NO Ext4 support)
* HW-Key navigation (DPAD + Volume-key) option
* Extended menu :
o Reboot system now :: reboot your phone
o USB-MS Toggle :: enable/disable USB mass storage (use when the phone is connected to your PC)
o Backup/Restore

+ Nand backup :: Make a Nand backup, the following partitions are NOT included :
# Recovery (to avoid restoring old version)
# Cache (no need to backup imo)
# Misc (no need to backup imo + restore issues on some phones)
# Splash1+2 (no need to backup imo + restore issues on some phones)
+ Nand + ext backup :: Make a Nand + ext backup
+ Nand restore :: Restore a Nand backup
+ BART backup :: Make a BART backup (Nand + ext)
+ BART restore :: Restore latest BART backup
o Flash zip from sdcard :: Flash a zip update file from your sdcard
o Wipe
+ Wipe data/factory reset :: Wipe /data and /cache
+ Wipe Dalvik-cache :: Wipe Dalvik-cache both on /data and ext
+ Wipe SD:ext partition : Wipe the ext partition on your sdcard
+ Wipe battery stats : Wipe the battery stats in /data
+ Wipe rotate settings : Wipe the sensor settings in /data
o Partition sdcard
+ Partition SD :: Interactive SD partitioning
+ Repair SD:ext :: Repair the ext partition
+ SD:ext2 to ext3 :: Convert ext2 to ext3
o Other
+ Fix apk uid mismatches :: Does extacly that
+ Move apps+dalv to SD :: Moves all apps and Dalvik-cache to sdcard (This will NOT enable apps2sd!)
+ Move recovery.log to SD :: Moves the recovery log file to your sdcard. (Use when you want more detailed recovery log information)
o Power off :: Powers off your phone
* Scripts available via adb :
o Nandroid v2.2.1 : enter “” to start.
o BART v1.0.1 (Backup and Restore Tool) : enter “utility” to start.
o V1.1 : enter “switchrom” or “u” to start.
o sdparted v0.6 : enter “sdparted” to start.

recovery-RA-tattoo-v1.6.2.img (Click here to download from a Mirror) – MD5Sum: 2d5de7a560ff6ae8db83042be87028cd

Per flasharla basta accendere il tattoo, andare sul terminal emulator dopo aver messo la recovery nella sd e aver smontato la sd:

“flash_image recovery recovery-RA-tattoo-v1.6.2.img”