Thanks to Azigmut88, our twitter follower, we’ve been able to write this guide on how to download applications from the new Amazon Android App Store.

  1. First of all you need to download and install Amazon App Store (link)
  2. Go to the website: and generate an american ID based in US
  3. Then open Amazon App Store on your Android phone and create an account with the ID you’ve just generated at point n.2
  4. Try to download a free application then (we have tried with Angry Birds Rio :) ) and it will be asking you to complete reg with Credit card data. You get these also the ID you generate at point n.2.
  5. Once you completed select also the click-1 check.

Given that to complete the registration you probably landed on browser, go back to the Amazon App Store and on the free application that you’d like to dowload and it’s done!
In this way you can use the Amazon App Store even if it wasn’t activated for your country yet. You can only get free applications.

Thanks again to Azigmut88 :)