Nuova versione della CyanogenMod per Nexus One che corregge subito alcune mancanze e alcuni bug, la versione CyanogenMod comprende:

* Added script-security option to fix OpenVPN
* Added Italian locales from Eugenio, nk02 and wsx
* Patch for CM issue 1182, obtained from google issue 1597
* Music appwidget now shows album art and previous button – from Eliot Stocker
* Fix issue with MMS user-agent being set incorrectly

Latest version: – 03/21/2010
Download: http://n0rp.chemlab…
Mirror 1: http://cyanogen-upda…
Mirror 2: http://android.phase…
MD5Sum: 92af687be7f3f7b68afe2a290d7008da

Guida per Installare la ROM la prima volta:
1. Fai un Nandroid backup!
3. Installa la ROM
4. Optionally install the Google Addon (per le Google Apps)

Guida per fare l’upgrade:
1. Fai un Nandroid Backup!
2. Installa the ROM (your Google apps will be backed up automatically)